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Google and the Problem of Success

Admin Manager - Wednesday, May 18, 2011
Google is fortunate enough to be facing a serious problem in 2010: they have achieved such a high level of success that their own market dominance and sheer momentum has become the biggest threat to their future.

As the company has expanded their focus, their infrastructure, and their payroll, they've evolved into something almost unique -- a stable, profitable disruption engine that enters and permantently changes dozens of other industries, pretty much at will. Only Apple can really compare to the sheer impact of Google, from alternative energy to DNA research to online marketing.

Of course, many of the setbacks Google has faced this year have been symbolic and small. They've recently had a whopping $6 billion buyout offer get very publicly turned down by Groupon, and they lost a privacy case in Pennsylvania for a whopping $1 settlement. Still, legal experts are warning that the real impact of that case will be as a foundation for future lawsuits. For now, though, it's just a small victory for a couple with the unlikely name of Aaron and Christine Boring. (Seriously.)
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